Thoughts in June 2020

Hi folks,

I promised a blog and honestly, I have had a hard tome churning out any thoughts or insights worth sharing recently. I have spent the last several months reassessing, thinking about what is important, learning to practice for the simple reason of keeping my skills up and performing for myself, and even exploring other areas of interest.

I was so happy to be able to play a short violin soliloquy outdoors at my cabin on Valdes Island for a handful of brave souls a few weeks ago.

I have also been rehearsing (at a safe distance) with my dear friend and colleague Jane Hayes. The weekly rehearsals are like medicine for our souls.

I want to continue communicating with the Vetta Chamber Music community, because I think we all need a sense of belonging and community, something we perhaps took for granted before when a concert was music, celebration, seeing familiar faces, connecting.

Just a hint about future possibilities:

three B’s in late September, livestreamed and live in some fashion. Can you guess the composers?

And finally, a blast from the past. Eugene Osadchy, Anastasia Markina and me after Arensky Trio Vetta concert. Seems a century ago!

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